Family Fun: Fort Building!

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Every year one of the biggest jobs that we have at Impatient Turtle Farm is to clear our lawn and garden of all the sticks, leaves and pine needles that have fallen during the winter months. Since we have about … Continued

Tynker Time

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Looking for some fun educational activities to engage your student?  Enroll in BASCP’s Tynker coding class. This class is perfect for students in grades K-5 of all experience levels, Tynker’s self-paced curriculum lets students learn by applying coding to core … Continued

Signs of Spring in Medway

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 3/26/20 It’s early spring here at Impatient Turtle Farm and our garden is beginning to show signs of life. This morning my daughter Ada and I took a walk around the farm to see what perennial plants are starting to … Continued

BASCP Farm Moves to Medway

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The BASCP Farm Moves to Medway We are proud to report that all of the seeds that have been planted and successfully germinated at BASCP were safely transported to our Medway nursery. Here we will continue to propagate our crop … Continued