Family Fun: Fort Building!

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Every year one of the biggest jobs that we have at Impatient Turtle Farm is to clear our lawn and garden of all the sticks, leaves and pine needles that have fallen during the winter months. Since we have about an acre of land it takes the help of everyone in our family of four to get the job done and usually the biggest challenge is finding a way to get Leo and Ada involved in the effort. This year Sarah and I decided use all of the natural debris that we collected to make a fort and as motivation when recruiting the kids. We spent two days clearing our lawn and garden and building our fort and it was the most fun we have had completing the job in years. Here are some examples of fort building process. I’d like to invite anyone in the BASCP community who has come outdoor landscaping to build their own fort with their family and share their pictures with us by emailing them to me this way I can share them with my Family and post the results to our blog!