Bowen After School Care Program, BASCP


Since 1974, we have been providing Bowen children not only with unique educational opportunities through play, but also the opportunity to form lasting friendships. In fact, we hear from many BASCP graduates year in and year out about how the friendships they made in our program have stayed with them throughout the years. 

Our program is structured by grades and throughout the afternoon, we provide each group with a range of choices. These include but are not limited to STEAM activities, games, crafts, time in the gym, and quiet time.  And, because we know how important it is to move our bodies, we go outside at least once an afternoon when the weather allows.

For many children, BASCP becomes an extension of their Bowen day – with perhaps little more fun and choice.  They are in space that is familiar, with friends, and continuing to learn. For parents, there are many benefits.  BASCP offers child care dependability, care on early dismissal days (we open at 12:30 on early dismissal days), a sense of community for their children, and financial savings as compared to a nanny.

What happens at BASCP?

Children are empowered to choose from a variety of structured activities, active games in the gym or outside, special events, field trips, classes/clubs, and opportunities to play and interact with children in a variety of grades. 

Free Play: Free Play is an opportunity for children to participate in self-directed play which produces many learning opportunities. Children choose what to do and whom to play with. Free Play gives children a safe environment to test their independence and with independence comes great decision making. Teachers guide children through these decisions and help them develop other social skills including how to share supplies, compromise, working through disagreements, and how to advocate for themselves in a respectful way.  All of this is accomplished through play, learning new skills, developing new interests and being creative.  During this time, children can be found beading, painting, inventing, sewing, engineering, writing, game playing.  The possibilities are endless.

K-1 Activity Time: This is a time when K-1 students participate in a teacher led activity that promotes fundamental skills related to cutting, glue use, pincer grip, letter/number identification, sight words, socialization and beginner health and science.

2-5 Activity Time: This is an opportunity for students to explore creative problem solving, and cooperative play when introduced to diverse materials, skill introduction and inspired instruction. Duct tape, cardboard, recycled materials, yarn, paint, etc.

Outside Play: Students transition outside for a teacher led activity or free play in a predetermined location. Children play outdoors whenever the weather permits. BASCP will provide at least ½ hour of active play indoors or outdoors each day.

Gym: Teacher directed gym games appropriate to specific age groupings are provided. Opportunities abound for children to develop their gross motor skills, their hand eye coordination, and good sportsmanship skills. Some familiar games played are: Ten Pin, Messy Backyard, Basketball, etc.

LittWitts: A time when students participate in a read aloud and then a brief activity that relates to the story’s narrative or a developmentally appropriate literacy activity.

R & R: A time that encourages students to wind down from their active day.  There will also be time for students to complete their homework or receive academic assistance in an interactive, multi-disciplinary, calm environment.

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