Bowen After School Care Program, BASCP


Since 1974, we have been providing Bowen children not only with unique educational opportunities through play, but also the opportunity to form lasting friendships. In fact, we hear from many BASCP graduates year in and year out about how the friendships they made in our program have stayed with them throughout the years. 

Our program is structured by grades and throughout the afternoon, we provide each group with a range of choices. These include but are not limited to STEAM activities, games, crafts, time in the gym, and quiet time.  And, because we know how important it is to move our bodies, we go outside at least once an afternoon when the weather allows.

For many children, BASCP becomes an extension of their Bowen day – with perhaps little more fun and choice.  They are in space that is familiar, with friends, and continuing to learn. For parents, there are many benefits.  BASCP offers child care dependability, care on early dismissal days (we open at 12:30 on early dismissal days), a sense of community for their children, and financial savings as compared to a nanny.

What happens at BASCP?

Children are empowered to choose from a variety of structured activities, active games in the gym or outside, special events, field trips, classes/clubs, and opportunities to play and interact with children in a variety of grades.  Learning Lab encourages academic growth and builds literacy skills. 

K-1 Stars

Kindergartners and first graders meet in the room located just outside the BASCP office.  Each day, the children arrive from their classrooms and have a snack.  During that time, the children socialize with their friends and learn what choices are available for the afternoon.  After snack, the children all go outside.  That is followed by choice time in which students can choose from 3 different options; a teacher led activity, outdoors/gym, and Free Play.  Choice time is followed by Lit Wits for the Kindergartners and Learning Lab for the 1st graders.  Learning Lab is a quiet time where students are encouraged to work on any assigned tasks from their school day or engage with others in activities that build cognitive development and social emotional learning.  

2 – 3 Comets

Second and third graders enjoy an engaging environment that provides opportunities to build leadership and communication skills.  Students start their day with a snack, followed by outside time.  Much like the K-1 Stars program, children in the Comets program have choices throughout the day. Children can choose from a teacher led activity, outdoors/gym, and Free Play.  Students also begin to build homework habits at the end of the day during Learning Lab.  

4-5 Ozone

Fourth and Fifth grade students also begin their day with a snack time, followed by outside play time.  Students then can choose from a teacher led activity, outside/gym, or Free Play.  Students love the independence and flexibility of our days.  The Ozone Learning Lab gives students the opportunity to work on their homework, reading, and school projects.  Once homework is finished, we offer several choices such as, strategic board games including Chess, Scrabble, and Bananagrams; exploring interests, STEM Challenges; printout challenges based on the monthly theme, popular literature, brain teasers, or other random subjects. 

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