Ellen Weiss – Director

Welcome to BASCP! I am thrilled to be back in person this year and am excited to see all of the faces. I look forward to getting reacquainted with old friends and meeting new friends. So far, I have loved getting to greet all of the parents at pick up!

William Chamberland – Assistant Director

Hello, my name is William Chamberland, and I am returning for a fabulous 15th year at Bowen After School. This year I look forward to developing our programs community through our curriculum with staff and students.  I have a passion for creating innovative experiences through hands on learning that promote reflection and revision. Please feel free to contact me with any inquiries regarding your student’s day at our afterschool.

Alan Pedersen – Program Coordinator

My name is Alan Pedersen, and I’m happy to be starting my 12th year at BASCP and my 25th year working with school-aged children. This summer, I traveled to Colorado and started training for my first marathon. I’m excited for another great year of students developing friendships, learning new things, and creating.

Stars (Kindergarten & 1st Grade Team)


My name is Emmanuelle Dejeanlouis, AKA Emma, I am looking forward to returning to Bowen After School for a full school year as the Kindergarten Specialist! I have a passion for working with students to improve SEL skills and also working behind the scenes of education, such as education law and policy. I’m very excited to start this year!


Hi this is Imge! I have 4 years of experience in BASCP. I am very excited to be back working with the K-1 Stars. We will be doing new daily activities and playing fun games with our students. I can’t wait for the new teaching adventure to begin this year!


Hello everyone, I’m Greg! This will be my first full year at BASCP, as I joined halfway through last school year. I’m excited to plan activities and get to know the K-1 Stars.

Comets & Satellites (2nd & 3rd Grade Team)


Hello, my name is Adama! I’ve recently started working at the Bowen After School Program. I’m ecstatic to be collaborating with the outstanding Comets and Satellites in the second and third grade. I intend to incorporate my artistic and musical background into my activities this academic year.


Hello, my name is Anthony Le. This will be my first year working here as an Assistant Teacher. I will be working with the 2nd and 3rd graders, and am very excited to promote a healthy environment where fun and learning go hand in hand. In my spare time I collect trading cards, build model kits and I enjoy reading fantasy as well as science fiction.


Lou has been a part of Newton After School for 40 years, and he has been in childcare for 46 years. He has worked with children from 18 months to high school and is comfortable with all ages. He has done almost every job in childcare there is. He was an Assistant Teacher, Preschool Teacher, After School Teacher, Head Teacher, Coordinator, Assistant Director, and Director. Throughout it all, he has always done daily activities with children. It’s his favorite part of the job and the most fun! Activities he enjoys doing with students include sports (especially basketball and non-competitive/competitive gym games), gardening (his group once grew a 133 pound pumpkin), walking and running clubs, science, woodworking, sculpture clubs, and musical instruments. Lou has three children – all of whom are in their 30’s and were in the classroom with him in preschool and elementary after school. He also has three grandchildren ages 3, 4, & 7. Lou’s hobbies include vegetable gardening, going to Red Sox games, watching Patriots and Penn State football games, and playing the trumpet, harmonica, and recorder.


Hello everyone, I’m Timothy! This will be my first year at BASCP but my fourth year working with children overall. Having worked in daycare, a tutor, or even a coding teacher, I am so very happy to work with the 2nd/3rd graders and hope to bring some of my passions into various activities over the year.

Ozone (4th & 5th Grade Team)


Hello! My name is Cam. This is my second year working at BASCP and I am super excited to be working with the 4th and 5th graders. I love to paint, play music, and talk about all things nature. I am currently working with handling birds such as owls, falcons, and hawks. I’m looking forward to this school year!


Hello, my name is Jenelle. I am an artist and can be found in my home studio sculpting when not at BASCP. I love walks in the woods, drawing and listening to music. In my past life I taught art to grades K-12. Now I am enjoying working with the after school program while raising my own children and launching an art career in figurative sculpture and portraiture. Fun fact: I have two pet bearded dragons named Black Beard and Tiny.