Talking, Talking Sports Talk Debuts

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Yesterday at 4:00pm the Ozone launched its first production of Talking, Talking Sports Talk, hosted by Will, Helena and Ellen. Students of the Ozone tuned in to give their opinions of some of the most pressing questions in sports today, including but not limited too, Tom Brady’s departure to Tampa Bay, what sports are we missing the most and Michael Jordan vs Lebron James.

Most students agreed that it was Tom’s time to go but they will still be rooting for the Patriots. Everyone agreed that the Pat’s still have Bill Belichick as the head coach was an important ingredient to the Patriots continued success. Some went so far as to proclaim that Bill made Tom! That being said some suspected that next season it might be hard to get to 7 wins if the Pats don’t improve their quarterback situation and that a rebuild could be underway. There was some speculation that Cam Newton could make his way to New England by signing a team friendly contract with the hopes of trying to resurrect his career.

As for what sports students missed them most, results varied. Some where disappointed in the Bruins season cancellation because they looked Stanley Cup bound and wondered aloud how many goals David Pasternak could have possibly scored. Others missed the NBA and nothing able to watch at least three Celtic games a week as part of their routine. Then there was those who missed watching the Patriots because it was something they did regularly with their family. Baseball was another matter however and all agreed that some changes would have to be made to the game to increase its popularity with a younger audience and that the MLB might be the sport that is hurt most financially long term.

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The discussion of Jordan vs. James proved to be a hot topic as both players had fans on their side. Helena was a firm Lebron James fan and scoffed at the notion that Michael Jordon could even share a Locker room with the current Laker star. Some pointed to Lebron’s passing and power/explosive ability as reasons that he should hold the title. Those in Michael’s corner spoke glowingly about his fluidity, speed, defense and competitive fire. It was also noted that Michael Jordon did more for the game as a whole through his commercial success with Nike and iconic historical moments. This conversation could have gone to over time but in the end there appears to be no clear cut answer to the complicated question of defining basketball’s greatest player.

Thus, the first airing of Talking, Talking Sports Talk was a success and we even managed to find our first catch phrase/quotable moment, when one contributor commented on everyone having their own unique option by stating, “It’s personalized by the person!” Tune in next week, same time, same place for new debate.