Roxy Update

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Last year, Caring Club (now called Kindness Club) raised money for Pennies for Puppies. For more information about last year’s fundraising, visit Pennies for Puppies & Introducing Roxy

We just received an e-mail with photos updating us on Roxy, the dog our fundraising supported.


At 11 months old, Roxy is learning more advanced commands.  Her NEADS trainer and inmate handler are teaching her the task work that will be useful to a potential client, such as; retrieving dropped objects, turning light switches on and off, pushing automatic accessible door buttons, and how to get an object out of the refrigerator.  In addition, Roxy has learned the following cues; back( pup takes a step backward), left (pup goes to left side of person’s body or apparatus), right (pup goes to right side of person’s body or apparatus), and turn (pup turns around to make other side of his/her body accessible to person).

Roxy and her weekend raiser are visiting small cities and going for rides on the bus or train.  They will continue to visit familiar places, such as; shopping malls and grocery stores.

I have attached several photos of Roxy, which we hope that you will enjoy.  Thank you for your support!