Introducing Roxy

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Roxy1In the beginning of the school year, the Caring Club decided to raise money for Pennies for Puppies. We set our fundraising goal at $2500 because donors who raise that much money get to name the service dog that the money supports. With a lot of hard work by Monica and Ozone students along with the generosity of parents and the Newton community, we surpassed our goal.

Ozone children voted┬áto name the dog Roxy, and we are receiving periodic updates about her training. Roxy has learned how to walk next to a wheelchair, how to pick up objects and put them in a human’s hand, and how to behave obediently in malls, pet stores, and nursing homes despite the distractions of so many sights, sounds, and smells.

We are proud of our students for raising so much money, and we’re excited to see that Roxy is on her way to becoming a dog that will greatly improve someone’s life.