City Landmarks

For Wednesday’s WOOT (Whole Ozone Outstanding Time), 4th and 5th graders worked together to create famous landmarks from recycled materials.

photos by Yonatan, 5th grade

Greenhouse Construction

K-1 students built this year’s greenhouse. After Ozone interns, Emma and Yonatan, installed the greenhouse outside, students in the Comets and Ozone programs transferred our plants outside for hardening, which is the final phase before planting.

Formlabs Field Trip

Students ventured to Somerville for a complete tour of Formlabs. Students saw every step of the printing process from the initial designing and software engineering to the last steps of completed projects. Children also saw a history of the company’s 3D printers and countless examples of printed projects, including new products printed with resin. After the trip, students were very motivated to keep creating with BASCP’s 3D printer.

Craft & Bake Sale Success!

The Kindness Club did it again — students, parents, and the Bowen community exceeded expectations by raising $461 on Tuesday. Thank you to all of the families who baked delicious treats and to the students who baked, crafted, and worked as volunteer sale associates.

We are now getting close to our total goal of raising $1000 for dogs affected by recent hurricanes. The Kindness Club is continuing to collecting money (activity books are still available for sale) for All Sato Rescue.