K-1 Snacktivity

The K-1 Stars had a wonderful Wednesday, creating animal costumes and playing imaginative movement games. We also spent some time thinking more about “what fuels us” and which animals we have the most in common with based on our likes, dislikes, and special skills!  Please enjoy a few pictures of our “Snacktivity”!  We created animal faces with English muffins, sunflower butter, strawberries, blueberries, apples, and pretzel sticks!

More Contraptions

Ozone students continue to make different creations with our new Contraptions set.


Ozone students accomplished several challenges with the new Contraptions set.

STEAM Team Challenge!

Given a limited amount of supplies, children got into groups to create their very own Pokemon, along with a cool name and special powers and abilities.  They then shared with their classmates what they had created!

What Fuels You Board

The Comets program have created a bulletin board dedicated to this month’s theme, What fuels you?  The children traced their hands and answered the question of the month which is, What is your favorite after school activity? Check out our board as it will change on a monthly basis!

Snap Circuit Dance Club

On Thursday, Ozone students learned how to use our new snap circuit set, which should provide special lighting effects for Friday’s Ozone Dance Party.