Lego Halloween Challenge

Family Fun Night goes “Into the Woods”

Students, parents, grandparents, younger siblings, lumberjacks, and fairies enjoyed our “Into the Woods” themed family fun night. After a pizza dinner and a quick speech by Ellen, families enjoyed a “day at BASCP.” Families played Lumberjack Leap and Fantasy Feud, created Audio Adventures and Miniature Mystical Mansions, and tried the 3 lil’ Pigs Construction Challenge. Thank you to all the families for your enthusiastic participation.

Beautifying the Ozone

We’ve added a clothesline for decoration, drying projects, and to post challenges. Also, children have created signs for the different areas of the Ozone.

Duct Tape Challenge


Fort Building

Ozone students entered the Bowen School woods to build forts.

Lego Field Trip

lego 045

Jason, Loring, and the Comets & Satellites walked to Newton Centre to go on a photo shoot with Lego People.