K-1 Mystery Box, Part 2

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Mystery Box #1: Tim & Brandon's Snack Room: Crazy Animal Posters
Mystery Box #1: Tim & Brandon’s Snack Room: Crazy Animal Posters
Mystery Box #2: Fran & Bryan's Snack Room: Binoculars
Mystery Box #2: Fran & Bryan’s Snack Room: Binoculars

Once again, the K-1 Stars have been deeply involved in honing their super sleuth skills with this week’s mystery boxes.  Mystery Box #1, from Tim & Brandon’s Snack Room, contained animal posters warning of the presence of crazy animal hybrids, such as a “wowlf” and a “hawkyote”.  Mystery Box #2, from Fran & Bryan’s Snack Room, contained a pair of binoculars.  Check out the continuation of our “Mystery Box” story to learn more!

Mystery Box Story, Part 2 (pdf)

If you missed it, here is Mystery Box, Part 1.