Another Tasty Field Trip

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Second and third graders who have been participating in Colin’s Cooking Compendium Class were treated to a special field trip to La Morra in Brookline Village on Monday. Colin, who used to be a line cook at this restaurant, gave an in depth tour as he explained all the different tasks he needed to do as a cook. He showed children areas of the restaurant that most of us never get to see, including the pastry kitchen, the downstairs prep area with the giant walk-in fridge, and the main kitchen,

Employees of La Morra were very generous with their time as they spoke to our students and allowed us to watch as they prepared for dinner service. Stephanie, the manager/hostess, answered several questions about her job and life in a restaurant. Then, Emily, the chef de cuisine, let children watch as she was preparing squid to be marinated overnight.

Before, students left, La Morra treated children to chocolate pudding with biscotti. Thank you to La Morra for being so friendly and generous with their time and to the students for being so enthusiastic and attentive.