21 Elephants and Still Standing

After reading Twenty-One Elephants and Still Standing, Ozone student were challenged to build bridges with cups and popsicle sticks (no tape or glue!) that could hold 21 elephant erasers. After succeeding with the elephants, heavier animals were brought in to test the bridges

Thankful Lunch

As they ate their pizza lunch, Ozone students jotted down what they are thankful for.

Poseidon Challenge

Ozone students were challenged to build boats that could survive Poseidon’s Sea.

Billy Goat Challenge

Ozone students were challenged to get three goats past the troll guarding the only bridge to grassier land. Some of the solutions included secondary bridges, a bridge over the sleeping (hopefully) troll, and zip lines.

Roxy with a Red Cape!

Two years ago, the Kindness Club worked to raised money for Pennies for Puppies. NEADS has been very kind to provide us periodic updates on the dog that we supported over the last few years. Links to previous updates are below the next photo of Roxy. Here is the latest letter.

Hi Will,

We wanted to share photos of Roxy dressed in her Assistance Dog Red Cape!  The red cape is worn by NEADS Service dogs that have completed their training, and are matched with a client.

William and Service Dog Roxy are doing well as a team!

Many thanks for your support,


Pennies for Puppies

Introducing Roxy

Roxy Update

Roxy News

Halloween in the Ozone

Children enjoyed Halloween snacks, crafts, challenge, and our annual Diorama Competition.