Sewing Fun

This week the Ozone became the Sew-Zone.

K-1 Community Activity

This week’s community activity focused on positive action.  Children heard a story about a young girl who chose to save starfish that had washed up on a shore by throwing them, one at a time, back into the ocean.  Her actions inspired others to do the same, until all the starfish had been saved.  Children discussed how this positive action made a difference and inspired others to do the same.  Children then worked in cooperative groups to build an apparatus to transport the starfish from the shore to the ocean.  They used a variety of manipulatives, including legos, gears, and k’nex.  Children were encouraged to use only positive language to communicate with one another in their groups.  Check out the full activity here (pdf) and please admire our beautiful creations!IMG_5575 IMG_5576

Basements & Basilisks


Loring, with the Comets & Satellites, invented a role playing game similar to another alliteratively named game.

Rainbows and Pots of Gold

Created by the K-1 Stars

K-1 Community Activity

Today’s Community Activity gave children the opportunity to practice their listening skills in different situations.  The first was a gym game–Human Foosball.  The second was a group project–collaborative comic strips.  Check out the details here! (pdf)
For more resources to enhance listening skills, go to:

Getting Ready for 2016-2017

On April 1st, we will e-mail the 2016-2017 applications to current BASCP families (If you receive our monthly newsletters by e-mail, you will receive an application). Please contact us if you’d like us to add your e-mail address to our application mailing list.

K-1 Community Activity

Community Activity this week was a follow-up to our “positive thinking” activity two weeks ago.  Children talked about positive communication and were able to practice these skills playing card and board games with friends.  Teachers rewarded any positive interactions they heard with colored stickers.  Check out the full plan here: Positive Communication

MBTA Control Room Field Trip


There were no delays on the Green Line as Ozone students traveled into Boston to see the brand new MBTA Control Room. In a guided tour, students learned about the MBTA and how the Control Room is used to solve problems such as delays, lost children, and investigating crimes.