Halloween Window Painting Tour

Ozone students walked to Newton Centre to photograph the artwork by participants in the Newton Community Pride Halloween Window Painting Contest. We were also pleased to learn that several Ozone students participated in the contest and a few even won awards for their work. Below are painting awarded by Ozone students and some of the work by our students.





Hannah AwardHannah



Joci AwardJoci

Sephora AwardSephora


NZ Award



Natsuka Award



Alan Award — Best Use of Stick FiguresIMG_3083


Created by MarielMariel


Created by MayaMaya

Engineering Success: Design & Communication

Last week, children figured out ways to safely drop aid packages from an airplane. This week, they worked on ways to inform people about what is in the packages. Children designed labels and symbols, considering whether the labels could be seen in a number of different environments. Children also designed brochures and flyers so that more people would know about the aid packages.

Pickle Day!

Last Friday, 4th and 5th graders in the Ozone celebrated Pickle Day. They had pickles for snack, they cooked and jarred pickles with Will, they learned about pickles, they played the base running game, “pickle,” and the played the board game, “In a Pickle.” Children even got to meet the Ozone’s famous Pickle Mascot.

Madame Lasagna & Manicotti the Wizard visit

On Wednesday, the K Extended Day program had two special visitors from a mysterious land. Madame Lasagna read children’s palms and told them their futures. Meanwhile, Manicotti the Wizard was a friendly wizard who read aloud Winnie the Witch stories. Kindergartners helped by enthusiastically yelling “Abracadabra!” whenever they saw that word in the book.


Engineering Success: Aid Drop

Students tested different ways to drop aid packages from an airplane. They tried parachutes, wings, and canopies. After the tests, students recorded their thoughts and observations in their engineering journals.

BASCP at Paddy’s Road Race

On Sunday, Alan, Brandon, Christie, and Ellen participated in Paddy’s Road Race in West Newton. We were happy to see several BASCP families and alumni. Recent BASCP graduate, Felix won the 1K race, easily defeating Brandon and Ellen, who were both running with Ellen’s niece. Then, an hour later after Felix claimed he was too tired to run hard for the 5K, he easily defeated Alan and Christie. We hope to be back next year with even more participants.

Duct Tape Wallets (Dollar Bill Not Included)

Kim and Helen helped Ozone students created duct tape wallets and duct tape flowers.IMG_0203