October 31st Talent Showcase & Bake Sale


Start your Halloween night with some entertainment and treats at BASCP. The 2nd and 3rd graders will present The Comets & Satellites Talent Showcase in the auditorium at 4 PM. This kid-directed extravaganza will have plenty of music, dancing, and laughter,

Also starting at 4 PM in the main lobby will be the BASCP Bake Sale. Jason has been very busy baking cupcakes, cookies, and much more. In addition to Jason’s goodies, Will and Ozone children will be selling their Award Winning Pickles and other pickled treats.



Nature Walk and Building a Shelter

Green Means Go had another adventure in the upper field and surrounding woods. First, the group had a silent nature walk, so they could focus on all the sounds of nature. During the walk, students identified a variety of leaves and spotted a few animal shelters. After the walk, children constructed their own shelter. Finally, children were given nature journals to reflect upon what they had seen and accomplished.

More K-1 Activities

Here’s a sample of some of the projects kindergartners and first graders created this fall:

Shaving Cream Fun

During Extended Day Kindergarten time, children made shapes, faces, and practiced writing using shaving cream mixed with food color.

K-1 Classroom Displays

Here are some of the displays that children and teachers in the Stars program created:

Paper Mache Animal Sculptures

Children in the Comets and Satellites program took several days to create these interesting animals:

Another BASCP Tree

Inspired by Eric Carle, the Comets & Satellites first painted patterns. Then they cut out a variety of leaf shapes from their painted patterns to hang on the tree. Fortunately third graders were learning about different leaves during the school day, so they did a great job creating a variety of realistic shaped leaves. They also sneaked in a cat, owl, mouse, and bumble bee.tree