Vermont Challenge

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Cheddar Cheddar 2Ozone Children were given a blind taste test today and challenged to identify the sharper cheddar cheese. 100% of the children who guessed, guessed correctly. One staff person, who shall remain anonymous, guessed incorrectly.

As for which cheese they liked better, children had very strong opinions. Ten preferred the milder cheese and four preferred the sharper cheese. Here are some of their comments:

“A has a tartness, but B is chedarry” -Joshua

“I like A better than B because B is sour.” -Lauren

“I think cheese A is fantastic. I think cheese B is good and ok but not as good as A.” –Sephora

“A: I don’t like it. B: I don’t like it.” -NZ

“A smells like Miami Heat, B smells like feet.” 

“It tastes like mold because that’s what it is. It also smells like dirty socks. And it stained my hands with smelliness.” 

“B is 3 times better than A. A: 7 of 10. B: 2 of 10”