The Mystery Island Mystery

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During Summer Blast Off, student had a mystery to solve. One of the coordinators stole a treasure and sent the entire program to Mystery Island. For more details, read the introduction to the story here. Each coordinator gave a statement with one truth and one lie. See if you can figure out who stole the treasure:

Alan in Volcano Valley: Normally I just blame fifth graders when something goes wrong, but I heard Christie bragging about her stolen treasure. She was bragging about her treasure of gold, silver, and gems. For some reason she called gems, “Gemmas.”

I also know that there is no way it was Will because he was too busy telling us boring stories about the sea. He asked me if I wanted to hear a nautical story, and I said, “I do naut!” Get it? I meant “not,” but I spelled it “naut” like nautical. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Anyway, after my great joke, Will went to build a farm on the boat. Maybe he will serve us sea cucumbers for our next snack

  • It was Christie
  • It wasn’t Will

Christie in The Hideaway: It wasn’t Will because he did a wonderful job helping all of us who were sea sick. The sea was rough and I thought I was going to throw up. Luckily Will soothed us with long, sleepy stories about the sea, so instead of throwing up I fell asleep.

I also know it wasn’t Jason because he spent the entire trip arguing with Will about how unfair Will’s scoring system for BASCP’s fantasy sports competitions is. I love sports!

  • It wasn’t Jason
  • It wasn’t Will

Jason in Castaway Cove: It was definitely Will. He kept bragging about how much he knew about boats. I think he wants to build a giant yacht with all of his stolen treasure. Besides, everyone knows that the only reason Will built the greenhouse this year was so he could have a place to hide all of his stolen gold.

I know it wasn’t Alan because he told me he was going to spend the entire trip throwing away projects created by his students. He said his students never care that he does this because he serves such delicious snacks.

  • It was Will
  • It wasn’t Alan

Will in Pirate Bay: It was Jason. As you probably know, I’m an expert in the nautical arts. As I was sharing my knowledge of the sea and sea vessels with Captain Ellen, Jason rushed into the bridge of the ship (the bridge is the area of the ship where the captain controls the ship – see, I told you I know everything about the nautical world). Anyway, Jason was holding a giant treasure and convinced Ellen to navigate the ship to the mystery island.

Wait a second, it was Christie. I confuse her with Jason because they look so similar. Anyway, after I saw that she stole the treasure, I taught Christie what “nautical” means and taught her the complete history of ships in the sea. Even though it was a very exciting tale, Christie fell asleep — probably because her baby, Gemma, always wakes her up in the middle of the night.

  • It was Jason
  • It was Christie