The Awesome Adventures of Ellen and Freddie the Dog According to Freddie

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I am not quite sure what has been happening lately, but Ellen has been home an awful lot. I used to not see her until dinner time and I would bark and bark for her attention. Some nights I had to bark so much it would hurt my throat! Now all she seems to do is sit in the office on the computer. I usually sit by her feet, but when I do that she trips over me so to be safe, I have been trying to remember to sleep in the comfy chair behind her.

Anyway, now that she is home like all the time she has been taking me everywhere with her. Don’t let her know, but I actually like it! Last night on our walk at the Upper Falls Greenway she kept stopping and taking pictures. I’m not really sure why, I think she said it had something to do with the her work, but that seems strange. Then she kept interrupting me. All I wanted to do was stop and sniff the ground, but no she kept trying to get me to smile for the camera. I kept trying to tell her that I don’t like my picture being taken, but she wouldn’t listen! Well, we walked and walked until we were both so tired that we went home and took a nap on the couch.

Today she took me out on three separate adventures, but I will need to write about those tomorrow because I just heard my dinner hit the food bowl. Yum!