Tea Testing Party

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The Ozone had another Tea Party. This time, rather than a traditional British Tea Party, students explored different types of teas of the world. Also, Valerie brought in a glass tea pot with a loose leaf infuser, Here are the fourth graders’ reviews:

Tea #1: Loose Leaf Green Tea
Tea #1: Loose Leaf Green Tea

“Taste:It taste like hot water and taste really plain; a little bitter. Smell: It really smelled bad. Overall: It was not really good.”

“Extremely hot and terrible and plain”

“Taste like a very interesting and hot experience, but I don’t like it.”

“Too bad.  Unnatural flavor. So weird.”

“Peculiar and plain. Smells like rotten eggs.”

“Disgusting tea. I hate it! It is horrible. p.s. Never bring this again.”

Tea #2: Flower Tea
Tea #2: Flower Tea

“It taste better than ice tea and was sweet and really little of bitter flavor.”

“Like Green Tea, but sweeter.”

“A little better but still the same taste.”

“It is very sweet and does not taste like the other one.”

Tea #3: Bark Tea
Tea #3: Bark Tea

“Taste: It taste so bitter and a little bit of taste, hot water.Smell: It smelled like bark and wood. Overall: It is terrible/OK.”

“Smells TERRIBLE, taste okay. Taste: Bark Tea taste the best out of all of them.”



Tea # 4: Green Tea #2 (tea bags)

“Taste: It taste really strong and taste really bitter. Smell: It smelled like leaves a little smell of bitter taste. Overall: It was OK.”

“Tastes kind of strange.”


Pu-erh Tea
Tea #5: Pu-erh Tea

“Taste: It taste plain and taste like wood (a little). Smell: It smelled like wood. Overall: It was ok/so, so.”

Tea #6: Pur Tea (stronger)

Taste: It taste like hot water and kinda bitter. Smell: It smells like hot water. Overall: It was OK.”