Pickle Tournament Finals Preview

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Pickle Finals


In the first round, the cheaper Mt. Olive Pickles pulled off a surprising upset over the often advertised Vlasic Pickles. When asked about the stunning defeat, the Vlasic stork refused to comment. The following week was a thrilling battle between Claussen Pickles and Homemade Pickles created by Will and several Ozone students. Before the match began, self-proclaimed pickle expert, Niles questioned whether the pickles created in the Ozone would even be edible. Niles was proven wrong as the Ozone Homemade Pickles easily defeated the Claussen Pickles.

Here is Niles’s self proclaimed expert analysis of tomorrow’s finals:

Alan: Niles, who will win tomorrow?

Niles: Is Will’s pickles in the finals?

Alan: Yes

Niles: Not them