Liar’s Club

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The Ozone had a group activity where teachers got to lie to students. Students were introduced to mysterious objects from the “olden days.” One teacher told the truth explaining what the object was, and the other three teachers made up stories about it. The students’ job was to figure out who was telling the truth for each object. Seven students got perfect scores. Connor was the most successful liar.

How would you do?

  • Alan — Cookie cutter for Fudge Stripe Cookies
  • Helena — Paint mixer
  • Ellen — Pineapple Corer
  • Connor — Mold for wooden model donuts

  • Alan — Inside of a snap bracelet
  • Helena — Film that needed to be developed to create photographs
  • Ellen — Train tracks for toy plastic trains
  • Connor — Ghost capturer (that’s why you could see some bodies in the strip)

  • Alan — Computer disks from before computers could store programs and documents
  • Helena — Toe nail cutters
  • Ellen — Coffee coaster (the metal kept the coffee warm)
  • Connor — Music sample holders