K1 Community Activity

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As K-1 families may know, every Tuesday, the K-1 Stars participate in a “Community Activity” in which we learn and practice social skills through games, discussions, and a variety of activities.  We’d like to share our programming with BASCP families so that you may know what your children are learning and, perhaps, you can help your children by reinforcing and practicing these skills at home!  Here is the write-up detailing our Community Activity for December 22, 2015: Community Activity PDF
This week, we talked about “gratitude” and, specifically, how to give and receive gifts graciously and gratefully.  Here were some discussion points we focused on:
  • Remember to think about the person for whom you are choosing a gift
  • Remember to say thank you when receiving a gift
  • Remember to look for the good qualities in a gift you receive, even if you may not like it
  • Before receiving gifts, prepare yourself for the possibility of not getting exactly what you want
  • Remember that gifts are given to show that you care for another person, not necessarily because the person really needs or wants the gift
  •  Remember that gifts are a sign of love and/or friendship
Here are some great resources to further the discussion of “gratitude” with your children!