Register online!

Welcome to BASCP. This year, we have enjoyed seeing our program grow and our students succeeding and smiling as we’ve navigated the challenges presented by the pandemic. Planning for next year, we are working on bringing back popular aspects of our program and introducing new curriculum and opportunities. We will be bringing back our enrichment program and developing new activities which will encourage students to create, collaborate and innovate. We are also happy to announce that we will once again be serving students daily healthy snacks.

Please note the following before you register:

  • Registration begins on May 1 at 9 AM. The link below will not open to the registration page until this time.
  • Please answer all questions fully. If there is missing information, your registration will not be considered submitted.
  • Please carefully review our policies and fee schedule. Please note, we have increased tuition rates due to increased expenses and so we can continue to provide excellent care and enriching opportunities for the BASCP community.
  • We do not accept credit card or online payments. Many parents choose to use their banks to set up automatic payments.
  • After you fully complete the registration pages on Community Pass, you will be put on the waitlist. After May 15th, you will receive confirmation of your child’s enrollment.

ALL FAMILIES WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE PUT ON THE WAITLIST SO THAT WE MAY FOLLOW OUR ENROLLMENT PROCESS AND PRIORITY CODE SYSTEM. Enrollment Process and Priority System Enrollment will open on May 1 and the first wave of enrollment will close on May 15.

1. First priority will be given to families currently enrolled in BASCP and requesting 5 days per week. 2. Second priority will be given to new to BASCP families requesting 5 days per week. 3. Third priority will be given to families previously enrolled in BASCP requesting 4, 3, 2 days in that order. 4. Fourth priority will be given to new to BASCP families requesting 4, 3, 2 days in that order. Applications received after May 15 will be accepted based on order of receipt and availability of space, with number of days requested receiving a priority.