Indoor Picnic

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Rain can’t stop an Ozone picnic. Children enjoyed watermelon and more on our picnic blankets and then played indoor cornhole for the rest of the day.

Catapult Competition

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Students worked together to build catapults with supplies purchased at the Ozone store using special Ozone dollars. After the catapults were completed, they competed for best distance and accuracy.

Yarn Trip

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Ozone knitters visited Crystal Lake to help decorate for last weekend’s Hooked on Newton: A Public Fiber Art Project, sponsored by the Newton Festival of the Arts.

Rubik’s Cubexperts

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Several other 4th and 5th graders are close to being added to the list. The next challenge for students is to solve the Rubik’s Cube without any help from a teacher. Salome was the first to accomplish this goal. Fifth … Continued

Rubik’s Cube Challenge

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Yesterday, 4th and 5th graders began the Rubik’s Cube challenge. About 20 students started the challenge, 7 students made enough progress that they decided to save their work, and 1 child solved her Rubik’s Cube today. 4th grader, Salome, was … Continued

Giant Bananagrams

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Because Banagrams has been very popular in the Ozone this year, Jordan created a giant game to be played outside (and inside when it won’t stop raining). The giant game involves more teamwork and exercise than the original game.