I Spy

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These photographs were taken by our 4th and 5th graders who designed flat lay sets based on the iSpy book series. Students placed objects in thoughtful ways and photographed their personally designed sets from directly above or from a slight … Continued

CS First Demo

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For the last ten weeks, fifth graders have been participating in CS First classes as they learned how to create video games with Scratch. Yesterday, third graders who were visiting the Ozone for Step-Up Day played the video games invented … Continued

Ozone Curling

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Last Friday, the Ozone Winter Olympic event was curling. For some reason, the custodians wouldn’t let us freeze ice over the gym floor, so we improvised. One student was the stone by sitting on a scooter. After a teammate pushed … Continued

Spy Training

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The Comets Program had spy training for its students today.  They had to stealthily maneuver through a “laser” beam course set up in the school hallway to recreate what one would need to do to pull off a museum heist. … Continued