Towers Fit for a Hero

The Comets Program was given a challenge during one of their STEAM Team Activities to build a Strong Tower fit for a hero.  Each team worked on making the tallest and most stable buildings out of 3 different materials: Lincoln Logs, K’Nex, and wooden blocks.  Take a look at what they came up with! –Jason

Ozone Speed Skating

This month, the Ozone will be holding its own version of Winter Olympic events every Friday. The first competition was speed skating on paper plates. Congrats to Max Z. who won the individual race and the team pursuit race. Also, congratulations to Connor, who is not only an Ozone teacher, but also the first Olympian to compete while holding a cup of coffee.

Galaxy Art

On Fun Friday, K-1 students created galaxy art with tin foil, paint pens, watercolors, markers, and stickers.

Superhero Launch

Ozone students designed balloon powered ships to launch their superheros.

Hooked on Hydroponics

K-1 students worked with our 4th and 5th grade Seed to Snack Interns on planting jalapeno and tomato seeds in BASCP’s Food & Drain System Hydroponic Lab.

Nashoba Ski Club

Students enjoyed perfect weather as third,fourth, and fifth graders had their first day of skiing at Nashoba.

Drawing Battles!

Right before December Vacation, Ozone students tested their creative juices as they participated in our annual drawing battle. After given an abstract drawing prompt, students battled with dry erase markers. When time was up, children needed to explain their drawings to Will, who is a very demanding and picky art critic. After some Drawing Battle Hall of Fame worthy performances, “Tigercorn?” ended up tying “The People!”

Spy Training

The Comets Program had spy training for its students today.  They had to stealthily maneuver through a “laser” beam course set up in the school hallway to recreate what one would need to do to pull off a museum heist.  Take a seat Ocean’s Eleven, because the BASCP Spy Kids are in town!  –Jason