Weeks Field Photography

Ozone Photography Club students walked to Weeks Field to take some artistic photographs.

Acton’s Discovery Museum Field Trip

On Tuesday, the K-1 Stars took a field trip to the Discovery Museum in Acton where they were encouraged to touch and explore everything. Students enjoyed interactive displays available in the museum’s newly constructed facility that involved creative play, math and science, both indoors and outside.

Mythical Creatures

For Friday Fun Activity, the K-1 Stars created mythical creatures.


Grasshopper Puppets

Fran and the K-1 Stars created grasshopper puppets based on the myth, The Ant and the Grasshopper.

Jump Rope for Heart 2018

BASCP celebrated another successful Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser on Wednesday and Thursday with field games, healthy snacks, and plenty of jump rope challenges. The last day to hand in Jump Rope for Heart Donations is Tuesday, May 1st. Visit here: http://bascp.org/jump-rope-for-heart/ for more information.

Melted Crayon Cities

Ozone students have created colorful skies blanketing city skylines by melting crayons over canvas.

City Landmarks

For Wednesday’s WOOT (Whole Ozone Outstanding Time), 4th and 5th graders worked together to create famous landmarks from recycled materials.

photos by Yonatan, 5th grade