Craft & Bake Sale Success!

The Kindness Club did it again — students, parents, and the Bowen community exceeded expectations by raising $461 on Tuesday. Thank you to all of the families who baked delicious treats and to the students who baked, crafted, and worked as volunteer sale associates.

We are now getting close to our total goal of raising $1000 for dogs affected by recent hurricanes. The Kindness Club is continuing to collecting money (activity books are still available for sale) for All Sato Rescue.

Ozone Curling

Last Friday, the Ozone Winter Olympic event was curling. For some reason, the custodians wouldn’t let us freeze ice over the gym floor, so we improvised. One student was the stone by sitting on a scooter. After a teammate pushed the student-stone, two sweepers had to sweep beanbags to help guide the stone to the target. The first student to hit the center was Samuel, after being pushed by Emma and guided by the team’s sweepers, Adanna and Brooke.

Knitting, Year 2

When Ozone students started knitting with Mary Ann last year, they were beginners struggling to knit small washcloths. A year later, they are now able to create hats and more!

Kawaii Ceramics

On Monday, K-1 used oven baked clay to make Kawaii themed creations. Kawaii is an Asian style that is defined as “cute.” Think Hello, Kitty, yummy donuts, pandas with large eyes, and ice cream cones with smiley faces. It originated in Japan but has extended to other Asian countries and around the world. –Robin

Matisse Mural

On Fun Friday January 26th, K-1 watched a biographical video about Henri Matisse and his cut paper artworks. Then they worked in teams to make papercut murals (large-scale works). They were encouraged to use abstract or organic shapes. –Robin



Ozone students were challenged to create Olympic Event models with recycled materials. There was a bobsled course, snowboarders, a luge, a curling arena, and much more.

Last Nashoba Trip of 2018