Wind Car Challenge

Before April Vacation, Ozone students participated in the Wind Car Challenge. After purchasing supplies with special Ozone money, fourth and fifth graders constructed cars to compete on the wind track. Fourth graders, Katie and Salome, won the competition.

Yoga Party

The fourth graders and Monica celebrated their last yoga class together with homemade eye pillows, yoga, mindfulness, and herbal tea.

The Greenhouse is up!

Yesterday, students transplanted germinating plants to our newly constructed greenhouse.

Spider Plants

Helena brought in her spider plant and helpedĀ Ozone students transfer the plant’s “babies” to new pots, which children later decorated.

Kindness Art & Bake Sale

On the night of our Annual Meeting, we had an art and bake sale to raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. So far, we have raised $140, and there are still more art items for sale.

Ozone Masters 2017

Would you drink this water?


After reading Oil Spill, by Melvin Berger, Ozone students polluted a bucket of water with dirt, oil, and trash, They were then challenged to clean the water and make itĀ potable. Children pulled out trash, tested a variety of homemade water filters, and experienced several spills. Monica then took a sip of the cleaned water. She hasn’t gotten sick yet, so it looks like students were successful.

Despite the success, students learned that it is very difficult to clean just a small amount of water, so we’re better off just not polluting it.

1st Grade Photography

Hannah has been testing our new camera with some of her stuffed animal models.