Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Chopped Challenge, Final Round

For the final round of this Ozone competition, the secret basket ingredients were marshmallows, chocolate syrup, graham crackers, and bananas. Alison and Lindsey won the competition with a depiction of an Oompa Loompa rowing a candy boat down the Chocolate River. We were very impressed with all of our students’ creativity, teamwork, and enthusiasm.

Previous rounds: Round 1, Round 2

Ozone Cottage’s New Owner

In February, fourth and fifth graders constructed a cottage in the Ozone. This month, a certain canine friend took over the cottage.

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Chopped Challenge, Round 2

Round 2’s secret basket was inspired by the Inventing Room’s chewing game flavors –carrots, tomato soup, blueberries, and roast beef (however, we do not use meat at BASCP, so we used corn because roast beef is kind of similar to corned beef (and we may have had extra corn to use)).

Unlike Violet Bearugarde, no judges turned into a giant blueberry…yet.

Read about Round 1.

NASA Cooperative STEM Challenges

Comets students worked together to compete against the clock while building structures that could score points for distance, height, and ability to hold weight. Our young NASA engineers met both success and failure while learning communication and problem solving skills.


Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Chopped Challenge

Over twenty 4th and 5th grade chefs competed in Round One of the Ozone Chopped Challenge on Monday. The surprise basket of food was based on Charlie’s humble home life before visiting the factory, so students needed to cook their appetizers with boiled potatoes, cabbage, bread, and butter. Using these ingredients plus some pantry items, student created a pickle juice vinaigrette, homemade croutons, cabbage/potato/raisin smoothies, and a variety of salads.

Comets Space Station

Our young scientists are discovering new worlds this month and a space station popped up in our free play area. Inside the station, students are observing insects and using NASA apps to learn about the universe. We will have a Venus Fly Trap soon as well as a bird feeder attached to the window. –Loring

Students carefully collect ants for our Space Station insect observation area.

Germination Continuation

K-1 planted and watered a variety of seeds and then placed them in the grow tent that they built last week.

Greenhouse Construction

Last week, I mentioned how students have started to prepare plants for our greenhouse. This may have confused a few of you who have never noticed seeing a greenhouse at Bowen. Don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything because there is no greenhouse…until now! Will is currently building a greenhouse with students in the Comets and Ozone programs.

Here is what Will wrote about day one of construction:

“We started our 1st phase of our greenhouse construction using schedule 40 1/2 inch PVC and fittings. Students learned different types of universal construction measurement units for cuts and preformed them all by themselves with success.”