Paper Making

Robin and the Comets created homemade paper.

Long Exposure Photography, Part 3

Students experimented “painting with light,” as they made the Art Zone as dark as possible and used decorative lights, flashlight, and littleBits to create different designs with colors.

Long Exposure Photography, Part 2

Students took advantage of the early sunset to test our new cameras with flashlights on the playground structure.

Museum Day

During January, teachers and students worked together to create exhibits for BASCP museums. After a month of hard work, students and teacher celebrated our first Museum Day on the February 1st early release Wednesday.  All ages visited three different BASCP museums: the Children’s Museum, the Museum of Science, and the Institute of Contemporary Art.

Highlights of the museums included: Goldilocks Physics, Obstacle Courses, World Map Painting, Rainbow Sculptures, Camera Obscura with a photo exhibit, Origami Trees, a Paper Airplane Challenge, Fossil Rubbings, Mini-Planetariums, and a Makey Makey/Scratch exhibit with homemade video game controllers.

Nashoba Ski Club

After a week off due to bad weather, BASCP hit the Nashoba slopes again.