More from the 3Doodlers

The Comets are making progress with our 3D printing pens.

More Ozone Knitting

Thanks to a very successful knitting class, several Ozone students now know how to knit.

iPads are here

The Comets & Satellites were the first to test BASCP’s new iPads. They’ll be used for activities and homework.

BASCP’s New Tool

The Comets and Satellites were the first to test our new 3Doodlers, which are very safe 3D printing pens.img_1430

Foodie Competition


On Thursday, 4th and 5th graders participated in a Food Trivia battle. Three teams — the Chocolate Covered Crickets, the Rice Cracker Robbers, and the Sporks — matched snack food ingredients, spelled challenging food words, completed food surveys, and answered food trivia. The winning team, the Chocolate Covered Crickets, chose Fudgsicle Day as a prize after a Let’s Make a Deal finale.