A day at BASCP

Ozone Pool


Kindness Club’s first act of kindness


The Ozone Kindness Club (formerly known as Caring Club) wandered the halls of Bowen to leave a friendly, beautiful rock in each classroom. 4th and 5th grade students have been inspired by the The Kindness Rocks Project, so do not be surprised if you stumble upon one of their creations.

Homemade Pizza

Yesterday, Bryan and the K-1 Stars cooked pizzas. As the children waited for their pizzas to bake, children colored and practiced writing.img_1608

Building friendships by building bridges

For the Comets & Satellites’ Community Activity, students worked in groups to build bridges with four different types of building material. Each group then presented and shared their bridges.

BASCP Makerspace

The Comets & Satellites and The Ozone programs have each set up areas for Makerspace. We’re looking forward to seeing what our students choose¬†to create with our art supplies and technology tools.

Hopes & Dreams

BASCP is off to another great start. To get ready for the year, each program had students think of their hopes and dreams.