More Edible Sculptures

Here are the pictures of sculptures created in the Ozone earlier this month.

Gamewright Visit

Yesterday, aspiring game designers in the the Ozone and Comet & Satellites programs visited Gamewright in Newton. Gamewright employees taught students about the process of producing a game from the initial idea up to the final printing. Students also learned about the selection process — Gamewright receives over 500 idea submissions each year, and they only develop a handful of these game ideas. One of those games, Sleeping Queens, was invented by a 12 year old. Students got to see the prototype and the initial cut of this BASCP favorite.

Twirly Twig Mobiles

Created by the K-1 Stars with Fran:


Everyone made butterflies for K-1 Stars’ Fun Friday.

The Secret of Monkey Island

During the Comets & Satellites’ Community Activity, students designed maps.