Jump Rope for Heart Celebration

On Wednesday and Thursday, we are celebrating our Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser. Students are enjoying obstacle courses, zombie tag, build-your-own-hopscotch, healthy refreshments, the sugar sequence challenge, and, of course, jumping rope. To learn more about this fundraiser or to donate, please visit our Jump Rope for Heart Page.


To finish up our month of international cooking, students chopped up some sweet potatoes and veggies, cooked Udon noodles, and added a black bean sauce to enjoy a taste of Korea.

IMG_5761 IMG_5762

Welcome to the Rock!


Students in the Ozone and the Comets & Satellites program visited Central Rock Gym in Watertown.

K-1 Community Activity

To help support our upcoming “Jump Rope for Heart” fundraising event, today’s community activity is “Active Bodies and Minds”. Children will learn the importance of exercise for their growing bodies and developing minds! Check out this link to see what kind of information we shared: Active Bodies & Minds (pdf)




Corn Syrup Painting

For Jump Rope for Heart month, Ozone teachers have been encouraging children to be more thoughtful about the amount of sugar they consume (especially in their drinks). Therefore, instead of using corn syrup as a cooking ingredient, we mixed it with food coloring and painted.