Water Taste Test

We purchased fancy water to use the nice bottles for an art project. Instead of just mindlessly drinking the expensive water, the Ozone decided to have a taste test. Of the 11 students who took the taste test, only two correctly identified the bottled water. After the test, students were challenged to calculate how much more expensive bottled water is compared to tap water.

BASCP in Space

Space Stations, UFOs, & Edible Aliens have appeared in the BASCP universe this month.

K-1 Community Activity

This week’s K-1 Stars Community Activity focused on Confidence and Self-Esteem.  Children were given an opportunity to think about their strengths and what makes them special.  They shared this information with the larger group in a variety of ways.  Check out the full plan here: Community Activity (pdf) and enjoy this picture of the corresponding craft activity.
Here are some other resources to learn about confidence and self-esteem in children:
How to foster self-confidence in every day ways
Activities to boost self-esteem

Recycled Art

All ages have been very creative at BASCP lately.

Nebula Painting


With our new Paint Flicking Box, Ozone students created Nebula Paintings on foam board. One of our students then used the same technique to upgrade our white board holder.