K-1 Community Activity

This week’s community activity taught children about perseverance.  We defined the term and the children had the opportunity to practice persevering as a team, in a group setting, and as individuals.  Please check out the outline of our activity components. Community Activity Lesson Plan
Please check out these additional resources if you’d like strategies to teach and talk about perseverance with your child!

K-1 Community Activity

Today’s community activity was about dealing with feelings of anger.  Students talked about situations that make them angry and then discussed negative ways and positive ways of handling those feelings.

Please take a look at the lesson plan and worksheets: Community Activity Lesson Plan (pdf).

For additional ideas, activities, and resources:



Nashoba Fun

It was another cold day at Nashoba Valley, but our students are making progress.

Charles River Museum Field Trip

Students in the Stars and the Comets & Satellites visited the Charles River Museum in the beautiful town of Waltham.

K-1 Community Activity

This week’s Community Activity was all about personal space.  We defined personal space, discussed its importance and talked about establishing different boundaries with different people in our lives.  Please take a look at the attached activities for more information.
For additional resources on talking with your child about personal space, please check out: Personal Space (pdf)

Ozone Farm Update

It’s been a tough few weeks for the plants in the Ozone Farm as they’ve had to survive transportation to a new home over vacation and then a return trip to the Ozone. Farmers Ethan and Daniel have been persistent caring for the plants and have helped them survive these rough few weeks.


Nashoba Fun!

It was another successful day at Nashoba Valley. Several of our students passed the test which will allow them to use the chair lift next week.

Juice Taste Test at The Broken Grounds Cafe

Ozone students and Will traveled on the Green Line to The Broken Grounds Cafe for a juice taste test. Green Machine was popular with adults, but clearly not with our students. The overall winner was Sweet Lemon, which narrowly defeated Morning Burst.


Madagascar Wooden Spoons

Created by the Comets & Satellites