Poseidon’s Challenge

To conclude Percy Jackson Week, all of the Ozone participated in Poseidon’s Challenge. Students worked in teams to create a vessel out of recycled materials. To pass Poseidon’s Challenge, students’ boats needed to float for 10 seconds with its passenger, the famous Greek Hero, Oldcellphoneus, staying on board. Just two boats passed the challenge: USS Boat, led by Captains Jack, Nicole, and Aaron C, and USS Turtle, led by Captains Spring, Stephanie, Giulia, and Maya. Several other teams made boats that floated, but poor Oldcellphoneus fell off their boats.

Thanksgiving Plates

The K-1 Stars are getting reading for Thanksgiving.


Percy Jackson Clay Reliefs

It’s Percy Jackson Week in the Ozone, so Will is teaching children about clay relief. Students are creating scenes from Percy Jackson or important things in their own lives.