Willelleanor’s Castle

Fourth graders Willa, Ella, and Eleanor have been working on a Lego castle for the last several weeks. They decided to take several picture of it before destroying it.IMG_0766

Chenille Stem Art

Created by Ava and Sephora.

End of year reminders

  • BASCP closes at 3 PM on Wednesday, June 24th.
  • Please pack lunches for your children on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Please take home all of your child’s belongings.
  • Please let us know if you’re child will be absent.

Thank you

Summer Blast Off

On Tuesday, all BASCP students celebrated the beginning of the summer with Summer Blast Off — Island Adventures. Children chose among several activities in four different stations: the cruise ship, pirate’s cove, the beach, and the luau. Children played captured the flag and other games, hunted for jewels, ate a lot of good food, enjoyed two photo booths, golfed, did art projects, and enjoyed much, much more.

Below are a few pictures of Pirate’s Cove.

Spa Day

On Friday, Helen and Ozone students enjoyed Spa Day. As children drank cucumber water, they relaxed with oatmeal facials, cucumber eye treatments, and fingernail painting. Maya enjoyed the cucumber eye treatment so much that she decided to invent cucumber glasses.