Green Means Go

In Green Means Go, children used a variety of recycled material to create and test different wheels and axles.

Video Game Makers

For our first Video Game Makers class, students created characters.

Ritz Cracker Tournament Update

Today was the second semi-final match for our Ritz Cracker Tournament. In a surprising development, Reduced Fat Ritz Crackers did not show up for the match (they were out of stock at Wegmans). Luckily, Roasted Vegetable Ritz Crackers were available to compete, and that was bad news for Hint of Salt Ritz Crackers. Stay tuned for next week’s championship battle when we learn what is the best Ritz Cracker.


K-1 Lego Building

Spin Art

By the Comets & Satellites:

Nashoba Week 2

BASCP students enjoyed another chilly day at Nashoba.

Tissue Paper Bowls

The Comets and Satellites layered tissue paper with watered down glue over balloons to form the bowl shape. The boys ended turning them into helmets.