Student Photography

Francesca, a fifth grade student in the Ozone, tested out the BASCP camera:

Engineering Success Party

Engineering Success concluded today. Families and friends came to visit to see the presentations that participants created. The designs were then tested as Will dropped each one from the roof over the gym. Each drop was a success; not one water balloon popped after being dropped.

After the drop tests, children were treated to special snacks, prizes, and certificates.

Earlier Sessions of Engineering Success:

Diner Field Trip

Ozone students enjoyed a brisk walk to the Deluxe Station Diner in Newton Centre. When they arrived to the diner, BASCP treated children to anything on the menu under $6.50. Based on the pictures below, the students chose wisely. Also, there are rumors that a certain teacher spent more than the $6.50 spending limit on himself.

Caring Club: The Magic Wand Project

The Caring Club participated in the Magic Wand Project for Kids. After creating several magic wands which instruct people to “Discover your magic & do 3 acts of kindness,” students brought the wands to a variety of places in Newton. On the way to Newton Centre, children handed out wands to people they knew and planted wands on friends’ lawns. The Caring Club then went into different Newton Centre businesses to explain their project. Children of every age from kindergarten to fifth grade did such a good job explaining the project that employees at Deluxe Station Diner, JP Licks, Newtonville Books, and Learning Express all agreed to participate. Employees of the Deluxe Station Diner were so impressed they gave the group a standing ovation.