More Pottery Highlights

BASCP Needs Your Support

BASCP is committed to providing quality care to all families in the Bowen community, but unfortunately, not everybody is able to afford the cost of childcare. Through fundraising and grants, BASCP strives to make childcare affordable. We are fortunate to again be invited by the Bowen School to participate in this year’s Spring Fling on Sunday, June 1. BASCP will be selling 16 oz. water bottles, juice boxes, and snack packs (pretzels, chips, popcorn, granola bars, etc…). We would be incredibly grateful for donations of drinks and snacks. The more we have to sell, the more money we will make. Please drop all donations off at the BASCP office by Wednesday, May 28th.


Franklin Park Zoo Field Trip

Yesterday, K-1 enjoyed a field trip to the Franklin Park Zoo. No animals were harmed.


On Thursday, Valerie made gazpacho with the fourth and fifth graders. Parker and Potter were very inspired by their creation, so they created a new recipe. Parker then went to Wegmans with his mother to buy the ingredients and created his own batch at home. Today, Potter, Parker, Alan, and Valerie tasted the two dishes.


Pottery Fun

photo13Click through the gallery below of finished product to see why it is worth messing up our clothes a little bit.

Jump Rope for Heart Goal Achieved


This year’s goal for our annual Jump Rope for Heart Fundraiser was to raise over $4000 and have over 50 children participate. We are proud to announce that we achieved both goals. $4220.70 was raised and 63 students participated.

Thank you to all the students who raised money and to everyone who donated to the American Heart Association.