2nd Annual Ozone Invitational Connect 4 Tournament Results

Thirty-three children participated in the 2nd Annual Ozone Invitational Connect 4 Tournament. Unlike last year, girls dominated this tournament. Making it to the Final Four were fifth graders Sara, Anat, and Alice and third grader, Stephanie, who put together a rare “Connect 7” earlier in the tournament. Stephanie did more than just create a “Connect 7.” She defeated three consecutive fifth graders, including her proud older sister, to win this year’s tournament. Congratulations to Stephanie and the rest of this year’s participants.

IMG_2389The championship clinching board.


Caring Club Field Trip

Over the last two months, the Comets’ Caring Club collected boxes and boxes of supplies for The Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury. Here are some pictures from our field trip to deliver supplies to this animal shelter.