Sink or Float?

For a science project, the Comets and Satellites had a ship building competition. Four teams created boats out of cardboard and recycled materials. Each boat also had a cloth sail with the team name and logo. Scott was very impressed with how hard the children worked and the teamwork they showed. Each boat successfully held sixty pennies, a glue bottle, and plastic toy. The winning team was Team Sweets. Rainbow Shooting Stars and Lego Boys tied for second.


Cucumber Battle!

Cucumber BattleAlthough Trader Joe’s cucumbers looked bigger and better, Stop & Shop won the taste battle 12 votes to 2.

Here are some of the reviews from 4th and 5th graders:

“Stop & Shop Cucumbers taste better but Trader Joe’s cucumber would make a better pickle” -Potter, the 5th grade pickle expert

“Stop & Shop cucumbers are good. Trader Joe’s are awful.” -NZ, 4th grade

“The Trader Joe cucumbers taste good and crunchy, especially with a Caesar Parmigiana dressing. But the Stop & Shop ones are so dull no one would like it with Ranch dressing or on its own.” -Joshua, 4th grade

Activity Release Form

Will your child be attending a Newton Community Education program or an after school activity with school personnel?

If so, BASCP needs a signed Activity Release Form before we can allow your child to leave our program. This form is required by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Grape Taste Test


The first taste test of the year for Ozone students was to determine which color grape is the best (3 points for the best, 1 point for the worst). The black grapes were the most controversial — many children ranked them as the best while many ranked them the worst. Meanwhile, the popular Green Grape won the competition receiving only one low ranking.