Painting Plus: The Final Products

Here are the results of our Painting Plus project:

To see how the paintings progressed over time, you may click on the following links:

1. 12/20/13: Painting Plus: Works in Progress
2. 1/8/13: Painting Plus Continued
3. 1/24/13: More Painting Plus

More Painting Plus

Ozone students have made great progress with their painting projects. The final products will be sold at the BASCP Art Show on Tuesday, February 12th.

“All Together Now!”

On December 12, 2012, Christie and a group of Comet students put on BASCP’s first ever opera called, “All Together Now.” Not only did the children sing and act, but they also designed the scenery and costumes, and wrote the script and music. If you were unable to catch the performance, Christie and the crew are currently recording a CD that will be available to purchase at our “In the Studio” Art Show Fundraiser.